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Pre-Screening for Violet Wand play.

Violet Wand Educator

My name is Papa Bear Tony, I am a longtime member of the International Violet Wand Guild and other kinky organizations who have a focus on education and responsible kink. I have discovered over the years that I am a service person; I have strong need to do for others, I express that service through being a  presenter and educator and see it as a chance to give back to the community.  I have presented at DO Winter Fire, Studio 58’s Naughty Noel, Dungeon Diosas as well as at The Crucible, Black Rose, and other groups and venues in the DMV area. If you are interested in finding a passionate and knowledgeable presenter to be at your event please feel free to contact me. 

For more about my class offerings 

Kinky Skill Demonstrator

In addition to traditional discussion and lecture type classes, I am available for demonstrations of various kink skills.  I love when I get to zap someone new, or scared or just not sure about electricity and show them how much fun it can be.  When you can take a person who isn’t comfortable and instill a sense of fun and joy it is a phenomenal feeling.  For these sort of engagements I can cover many of the basic skills spanking, paddling and flogging; as well as breath play, water boarding, wax play, and rough-body play in addition to violet wand.

What sets me apart from others?

I am starting to become an old school kinkster; and maybe even a curmudgeon, but I still love getting the chance to share my experiences with others.  I love the connection that I get with a group as we feed off of one another’s energy and excitement.  In some ways presenting is an extension of the kink for me.  The challenge of connecting, of finding the common ground with someone you don’t yet know. My reviews alway speak of my enthusiasm and my knowledgeability as well as a strong passion for the subjects that I share.  So if these qualities are something that you are looking for then I might be the presenter for you.

Why this site and this blog?

I started out on this so that I had a place to post about myself, my passion for presenting and sharing some of the things I love about violet wands, then it kind of expanded in my head.  Besides talking about violet wands, and even just kink, I would share some of my experiences, my stories, my thoughts.  Hopefully it will prove to be a bit therapeutic in that I have to talk about me, and try and be open about it.

Also since I have done work on the International Violet Wand Guild site, as well as the Society, both of which are fun but they aren’t quite the same as this. This is for me, on those sites I am representing others as a part of a group so sometimes my message has to have a different bit of slant.  But here I am only representing myself so I can express everything just the way that I feel.  I can assure you that here it will be unfiltered. 

All my blog postings are open to the general public, though I do have a private page  just for people who choose to sign-up for my mailing list.  Being on my mailing list will give you updates via email when new content is added.  

Thank you for stopping by!