Double Teaming with Violet Wands

I have been looking for something new to write about, so I posted a question on FetLife asking for thoughts and suggestions…

From Mrtiedup “…Can you co-top or use two wands at the same time on one bottom…”

Absolutely you can but like so much in life there are some caveats.
If you are using direct wand techniques two wands is awesome and extremely intense.   This lets you zap the bottom with a variety of sensations all over their body; you might even manage to completely blow the mind of the bottom.  So direct technique is absolutely improved with multiple wands.  Initially if the bottom hasn’t been exposed to multiple wands before limit yourself initially to using glass probes, since the metal probes is so much more intense.   Keep in mind due to the nature of reverse and indirect techniques there is no significant gain from multiple generators using body contact probes, though it is possible pure amperage would probably be higher performing indirect with multiple tops in my experience the sensations for the bottom do not increase this way.
If you want to use multiple tops reverse is the way to go, charge the bottom using your body contact probe and go to
 town.  When possible during demonstrations if I find a bottom who is comfortable with it I try to get multiple people to touch and tease them while they are charged.  The response is typically very impressive though it is very possible to overload the poor bottom doing this.
One challenge that I often experience doing a co-topping electric scene is trying to synchronize actions and sensations, it a unique challenge to try and mirror someone else’s actions.  Another challenge is that typically it tends to be a shorter scene than you would have with a single top.
Safety note: when you are using multiple wands on a bottom you want to make sure to limit the exposure time.  Typically I recommend 15-20 minutes before you take a break with two wands going I would really say 15 minutes is the top before giving the bottom a break unless you are going really lightly (<25% output for Solid State <15% for Mechanical Wands)
As always have fun, and let your freak flag fly!

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