Jersey Jenny & Papa Bear Tony

Jersey Jenny

JerseyJenny is a poly/pan/switchy/Mama Bear with experience in both private and public scenes going back to 2006 when she found her way to some spankos in Chicago. In that time, she has seen and done some right things and some wrong ones, and is eager to chat about them all to help others find their way in this kinky world of ours. Active first in NY/NJ, she moved to the DC Metro area in 2015 to be closer to her kink folkx. She found her way to Indecent Enterprises soon after, where she is now one of their event mentors.
An equal opportunity endorphin chaser (as opposed to a sadomasochist) Jenny has been in the classroom since 1996 helping students from high school level through medical doctors, and hopes to brings multiple teaching styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc) to topics in kink. Her service side draws her to blend her teaching history with her desire to pay it forward as it was done for her as she learned in the scene. The hope is to help people of all skill and age levels deepen and expand their skill sets and their communication toolkits to get the most out of their kinky time and relationships (whether they last a scene or for years) in an inclusive and nurturing environment.

Papa Bear Tony


Papa-Bear-Tony is a slightly sadistic service top and mad scientist with a significant caffeine addiction who loves any chance to talk, often loudly and at high speed. He has a lifelong fascination with electricity and kink and upon discovering tesla coils and violet wands a love affair was born. He has a true passion for assisting others to find their personal joy and will take any chance to share his. He is based out of Northern Virginia and has presented and demonstrated Violet Wand for Black Rose, Indecent Enterprises, D~X~S, as well as other private parties and local kink clubs. He is a long term member of the International Violet Wand Guild and is currently part of the IVWG steering committee.