Breath Play: Choking for fun

Disclaimer:  This is a work in progress and not complete.

Breath play is a thing I like to do, though definitely not violet wand related I wanted to put some information here.   For the most part breath play is about controlling the flow of blood to the brain over actually choking someone so that they cannot breathe.  A lot of the fun of it comes from the psychological impact of any act that prevents easy breathing; there are a variety of ways to accomplish this.
Please know breathplay is an extreme type of EDGE PLAY… this means there are risks to health of the person being choked.
Although this can be a lot of fun for both the top and the bottom, it’s the bottom who is really risking their health and safety.
Don’t do breath play with a top that you don’t totally trust.
Single Hand Choke with this approach the key is to make sure your thumb and index finger are over the internal carotid arteries, this means you will need to excert a bit of pressure, make sure though the pressure in only on the sides of the neck, you do not want to be pushing on the front of the throat this can easily cause an injury.  With this sort of choke you should be able to feel the persons pulse under your thumb and index finger and have space between the curve of your hand and the front of the throat.
Wrap/Clothing Choke
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