Building Your Own Personal Toolkits for Scenes, Events & Relationships (Can be a Group Discussion or a traditional lecture with Q/A style)

This class will be separated into two parts encompassing the things you will need for building toolkits for short and long term aftercare . The first toolkit is for scenes, a go to bag/backpack if you will, to take care of your immediate needs after you play. It is the small bite, the packed lunch for your picnic. These are the things you need to help your partner recover immediately after a scene. Every partner is unique, so what’s in your toolkit will be discussed and explored..

We will also talk about building a toolkit that stays with you long term, for events and the relationship with yourself, as well as with others. This is the kit that will help you help you come back to where you need to be. Then, we will discuss how you can share that kit with others.

This course is not designed to be a menu where you pick one from Column A and two from Column B. It’s meant to discuss the needs of both the top and the bottom for what might be needed during aftercare in this wacky world of BDSM. It is like stocking your pantry, so you have all the ingredients to make those scenes and long-term self-care tool kits ready to go at a moments notice. This way they can help give you what you need, want and deserve, and you can get what you need, want and deserve. The better we prepare through communication and respect, the more we will receive in return.

Suggested Time: 90 minutes


  • Short/long term physical needs based on scenes you do
  • Short/long term emotional needs-avoid miscommunications
  • immediate logistical needs
  • Some best practices (with ourselves & our partners)
  • Your risk profile  
  • The 5 C’s of good scenes, good plans, & good relationships

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