Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire 2020

On these articles I am always conflicted am I writing it like a journal or a review, how much of my opinion and thoughts do I want to interject into these particular writings. This one will end up going into a different direction.

Jenny and I both agreed we didn’t want to present at Winter Fire this year, we have some other opportunities coming up this year, and combined with Winter Fire moving to a new location we opted to just attend the event. Based upon the energy level I personally had we made the best possible decision, by the end of the weekend I was totally exhausted.

Saturday Night – Dungeon

The night goes awry… Conset Issue

Sunday Carnival Spectacular – Lady Plume organized and awesome event focused on littles and pet players, and the attendance and energy of this event was really amazing.

All in all this wasn’t a great event overall for me personally but it was due to oversites and mistakes that I made.

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