Dark Odyssey Winter Fire 2019

Dark Odyssey Winter Fire 2019

One of my favorite events Winter Fire is coming up soon on Valentines day weekend in Washington D.C. This hotel takeover event is one of my favorites, thought I haven’t had the chance to attend or present at any of the other DO events.  This is because ktgrrl doesn’t like to camp I don’t get to do camping events, but she is always down for hotel events.  Well this is one of the nicest hotel events I have ever been to, when they say luxury hotel they are not kidding. At this point if you attend Dark Odyssey events you are aware that next year Winter Fire will be in Baltimore MD instead of Washington D.C. 

My classes are both scheduled for 9:45 am until 11:15 in Sagamore Hill Rm. The 102 is on Saturday morning with the 202 on Sunday morning.

If you where in one of my classes the discount code: pbtdemo should work for you at https://www.violetwanda.com/

Here is the events website

I had firsts, amazing conversations, made new friends, was involved in some amazing scenes and even had a great relationship conversations with ktgrrl. We arrived at Winter Fire on Thursday evening and attended the Thursday night Happy Hour, which was insane and probably the busiest that I have ever seen. Friday which is the first day of the event went smoothly and efficiently. That night I did two scenes which were a lot of fun, one with a friend that I haven’t played with in a long time and the second with a friend that I play with more regularly. Late Friday night I had one of my firsts; I went the to Sexatorium to actually play. ktgrrl and I had a late night conversation with a friend about doing some sexy stuff, after batting things around we came to an agreement and off I went with my friend for some late night semi-public fooling around, WOW! It was fun and amazing and really wild. Being close to others also engaging in sexy times is an incredible turn-on.

Saturday 102 class was amazing everyone who attended was incredibly engaged and very interested in the class, in fact people straggled in for a while after we started until eventually it was standing room only. The only downside was that we were still trying to pack up all of the toys when they arrived to rearrange that room for the next class which took a bit of time.

Community Expo which is one of the great sub-events of Winter Fire. It takes place in the atrium ballroom of the host hotel. This gathering is for anyone who has a group or event that they want to share with convention goers. I arrived late but in was able to spend some time with Vonkelso, ~AJ~, and ktgrrl manning the DC Area violet wand discussion group table. We had the chance to talk with a number of people including quite a few people who I had just seen in my 102 class. 🙂 We had the opportunity to share some quick zappy fun with anyone who wanted which was a lot of fun.

Indecent Enterprises “Morbid Menagerie” was Saturday night and I arrived in my Pugsley Addams costume. I love IE all the people involved with the group and anytime they need or want some help I am there, this time doing as I often do violet wand demonstrations. This was great and again I got the chance to enhance my classroom interactions with some practical demonstrations. I also had the chance to chat with friends and check out the amazing costumes not the least of which was Madame Tak in her amazing Morticia Addams costume. I was also in the front row for a really hot rope scene taking place about 10 feet away.

Sunday 202 class was an interesting event, the crowd was once again very lively and engaged shockingly so for 9:45 on a Sunday, though there were a number of late arrivals we eventually again hit capacity on the room. I was disappointed we couldn’t get to all the demonstrations and interaction that I had hoped for with the class unfortunately. I promised the class that if anyone was interested I would be in the day time dungeon to work with anyone who wanted more instruction or demonstration time. This was an amazing decision. I was able to work with a wonderful couple who attended both of my classes and allow them to do some internal play with one another and all little assistance from myself and another person from my classes.

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