Review D’arsonval High Frequency Beauty Aid

Okay kids class is in session!

Today in addition to a product review I am going to teach a little history.

These high-frequency, high voltage devices get their name from Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval, a french physicist and inventor who is famous in the field of electrophysiology and explored using electricity on the human body.  He was particularly involved in the effort to find alternative health therapies using electricity.  Amongst his inventions is the D’Arsonval galvanometer and the D’Arsonval-Deprez coil.  The d’Arsonval’ coil is described it “has many turns of fine wire, and is suspended by a flat ribbon of wire which serves as one lead-in wire” his design is similar to the Oudin coil and the Tesla coil though intended for a different application.  To find out more about him.

Now for the review part…

These high frequency beauty aids while technically not a violet wand but the charge they produce is similar though a lot less intense than you would get a from a real violet wand. The biggest advantage these have over a violet wand is the price point. All of the various beauty aid devices come in a kit with 4 glass probes for approximately $35, with these I haven’t been able to determine if brand name matter at all, though prices vary slightly depending on demand at that moment.  If you want you can find one of these on  These not my first choice of toy, but I do own one, they are a simple functional cheap option for someone starting off, also if you have a play partner who complains that your other wands are too strong this is a great fall back.

They are solid state so it has all the advantages of any other solid state state device, meaning heat and run time are not issues with these.   Though because they are cheap they are not particularly powerful and some violet wand hard liners will give you crap about using one.  To provide an idea of how much weaker the sensation is on these a BD10 style mechanical wand turned up to about 50% feels like a 5 intensity, then one of these turned up all the way would feel like an intensity of 3.  The sensation range between minimum and maximum with these is not huge but you will be able to tell the difference.

If you are starting off with violet wands, and are not entirely sure how much you will actually use it this is a good buy since you are not investing a lot.  Any of the high frequency beauty aid devices will be able to give you a decent glow on the included glass probes, but these included probes are not high quality and much more prone to come apart at the end cap or for the glass to break.  Please be aware if you own good quality glass probes (medical grade quartz glass) you may find that this won’t have enough power to give them a good solid glow.

To summarize if you want or need power from your wand then this is not the choice for you, if you want to get started without breaking the bank this is a solid starting point.

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