DO: Summer Camp ’19

The flow of this one will be extra weird since there are parts I wrote in the moment, and parts then parts that I added after the fact so I apologize for mixed tenses and any confusion it generates.


With the recent changes in my life (my divorce) I have a huge new option in my life; I can and am attending Summer Camp this year. This is huge since before I was part of a couple that didn’t do camping events. I have a lot of scenes planned for this event, mostly topping but also a couple of bottoming scenes, this is probably over promising and over planning but I really like being able to say yes to people. Since this is my first time I have no idea what I am supposed to do, thank goodness Jenny is doing a great job of telling me what’s next and what to do. 😀

Lesson learned. If you sign-up for the resort option there is nothing else you need to do. I forgot that when I signed up that I chose the resort option, so when the flood of emails came about chores etc. and I saw one for Play Monitor’s I figured what the heck and signed up. I felt like I could more useful as a play monitor than whatever other silliness chores might involve. So PM shifts aren’t chores, they are considered a volunteer which results in a discount to attendance.

The packing is done; i think, lots of stuff probably a lot more than I will ever need at least on the clothes side of things and probably less than I will want on the toy side.

Flash back note: I forgot half the food I meant to bring, also gluten free pasta is kind of gross.


I showed up about 5 minutes until 1 o’clock when registration opened on Tuesday, everyone was really helpful and almost right off the bat I bumped into Cuddlepuppy who pointed me in the right direction. After registration I was able to drive down the cabin so that I could drop off my stuff, this was great since I was concerned with trying to haul of my stuff god knows how far from the parking area to the cabin. Loading in turned out to be a breeze though I imagine if I arrived on Thursday or Friday it might not have been quite as easy.

Flash back note: Despite first appearances Ramblewood isn’t that big; but still the idea of hauling toy cases, luggage, food etc from the parking area to the number cabins would have sucked.

Lesson Learned: Leave the toy bags in the car or at least much as possible, the parking area is really close to the dungeon and it’s easier to haul the toys from the car to the dungeon, as opposed to hauling them up from the cabin.

Event –

I went in to the event planning to do a lot of scenes and be really active, attend some classes, play with some friends that I don’t get to play with that often. What I ended up doing was spending most of my time sitting in the circle in front of Rumspringa. This turns out to be what I needed more than anything, to relax and unwind, to let go of all the worry and stress for a few days. This also gave me the chance to get to know a number of people that were new to me. I got to hear a lot of awesome kink stories and watch more than a few really hot scenes right in front of my face.

FInding places to play during the day turned out to be harder than I expected, this problem was exacerbated by my rolling electric case which doesn’t perform that well on rough terrain. Really the only place consistently available during the day is the dungeon which is completely different than Winter Fire where the dungeon is divided up for classrooms during the day.

JerseyJenny and I getting some time to play and catch up at Summer Camp 2019. Thank you to @Wintersong  for this and many more awesome pictures

Thoughts on food

Originally I planned on doing the cabin crockpot meal plan I made 5 pounds of gluten-free spaghetti to share, and then when I got to camp opted to also add on the meal plan just in case. The timing of meals at the camp mess hall isn’t exactly convenient or even in keeping with the average person’s schedule. All in all for 10 bucks a meal it wasn’t really worth it for me personally. I could never get the timing right to eat more than two of three meals per day but most days it was just one. Next time I will just pack in my own food for the entire week. Also there is a cantina that sells coffee and sandwiches on-site which also turns out to be more or less 10 buck a meal, the rub is that the service in cantina was slow and extremely unprofessional.

Post Event

I am guessing that a chill low stress event was what I needed. Packing out on Monday was a piece of cake, and even the drive home was pretty mellow. I was really happy to be home and it didn’t take me that long to unpack, do laundry, clean up and slide back into the mundane day to day world.

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