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As a part of the International Violet Wand Guild I have had the opportunity to meet many Violet Wand enthusiasts, both tops and  bottoms. I always enjoy the chance to share my passion for electricity and kink with others a trait that I am not alone in


If you are one of those people who are interested, or even just curious about using electricity in your kink, please take time to look at the IVWG website at

There is a lot of great information; compiled by guild members with years of electrical experience and knowledge.  It is one of the most amazing community generated and maintained sites on the subject of Violet Wands, Violet Rays, and other kink related electrical devices.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to let me know if I cannot answer the question I probably know someone else who can.


Other Websites

Tesla Coils – High Voltage – Extreme Electronics

Repair References

DIY Violet Wand Repair

Weird Stuff Blog

BD-10 Replacement Parts

Resource Links:

Great article on endorphins and kink play

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