Extreme Electric Toy’s

Disclaimer: These are not actually toys but electrical tools, and use of these in any sort of BDSM play is at your own risk, and obviously the risk of the person you are using them on. I am merely providing information and reviews based upon my personal experience but I am not responsible in any way shape or form for injury’s derived from you using any of these devices. WORK IN PROGRESS

Stun gun

Despite the name, these aren’t even vaguely gun shaped, though they do pack a pretty good bite. Personally I rarely use mine on people more often it’s a mind fuck toy, or to get a groups attention. If you choose to use a toy like this on someone please limit use to large muscles (i.e. glutes or quads) This particular model has a couple of bonuses a built in flashlight, as well as plug assembly for recharging. To buy

Small Stun Gun in my case
This is the spark you get from a dry fire


Despite being non-lethal they are questionable in most in most places, also these tend to be significantly more expensive that stun guns and really don’t have a lot of kink usage in my opinion.

This is one from Amazon for about $350

Cattle Prod

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