Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I really like the idea of FAQ’s

I think questions are important and I have a lot of them in life, so here you can find some of the ones I get the most.

What is a service top?

My personal definition is someone who’s pleasure or joy comes from doing kinky stuff to another.  If you get joy out of making someone else happy with you actions in a kinky sense you might be a service top.  I try to provide the scene that I think the bottom wants based upon our negotiations.

What does a violet wand feel like?

It can be gentle like effervescent little bubbles, or sharp like a knife or anywhere in between.  If you know what you are doing with a violet wand the range of sensations is amazingly diverse.

Is a violet wand safe?

Yes, it’s one of the safest electrical sex toys in the world…

What if I have…?

It is safest if you avoid going near electronic medical implants. If you have medical conditions such as pregnancy, epilepsy, diabetes, etc be safe and skip the violet wand, especially if you don’t know the top and how experienced they are.

Where can I buy…?

I cannot tell you what to do, but I can share with you what I have learned and choose to spend my own money.  So this is one of those questions that cannot be answered simply, it might be worth referring to my recommendations blog post.