FetLife – Give me freaks yearning to do fucked up things!

Today I am going to discuss FetLife.

Most of you have probably heard of it, and are already using it the help you get your freak on. If you haven’t I highly recommend the site 
as a useful tool to help find local kinksters, events, and learn about what is out there.  One common misconception for a lot of people on FetLife is that it’s a dating or even a hook-up site.  This really is not the case, not to say it might not happen, but if that is what you are looking for you will most likely be disappointed.
If you are looking to be a part of a great and dysfunctional community though you are on a good path.  If you want to find events near you, then you will be all set.  Like any other social networking site your will only get out of it what you put into it.  Just signing up won’t be enough to help you find some little chippie you will let you beat him or her with a wilted zucchini.  But if you take time meet people both online and in the real world, you will probably find someone else you likes wilted zucchinis.  If you are a decent freak who really really likes wilted zucchini and you make friends amongst others who are also really into wilted zucchinis then you will be at happy.
So let’s drop zucchini as a metaphor.  Thank goodness what an odd word to type.  🙂   If you like looking at naked people, or people in rope, or being spanked FetLife will help you find it.  It’s not a porn site though I am sure for some people it is close enough.  I have made a lot of good friends over the years through FL and I hope that this continues.
First thing you should do after you put together a profile, if you haven’t already is look around for groups in your area, in my case Norther Virginia, the list will likely vary depending on how metropolitan and area you live in.  From that long list of groups look for munch groups.  Munches are the kinky peoples version of a happy hour.  They are great and horrible all at once.  You get to meet real people, who you might or might not have interests in common with.  GOOD!  But  you have to meet and talk to strangers….  OH MY GOD!  Noooooooo.   Do it.  It will be worth it.  Overcome your introvert.  Fight down the urge to run away.  Nut up for your future.  This is a way to meet your fellow kinksters and start to develop relationships.  Over time you will hear about local clubs and events some of which will be right in your wheelhouse of interests.

Remember “nothing ventured nothing gained.”

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