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My friend VonKelso recently brought this to my attention, originally with the purpose of integrating this wonderful consent model into a project we are working on for violet wand educators. It resonated with both of us, and as I have time I will flesh out this post more.

This document is to provide my personal code of conduct as a kink presenter and educator.  It is based upon which I am choosing to adopt for my personal use.

It is my goal to avoid consent violations, but to also be an example of consent in my risk aware consensual play.  For me this means ensuring anyone I interact with to feel safe and secure and be aware of the risks of playing with me be it publicly, privately or in a classroom or demonstration environment. 

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This document is to provide my personal code of conduct as a kink presenter and educator. It is based upon which I am choosing to adopt for my personal use. As an ethical presenter and educator, I understand the importance of consent, and I feel an obligation to make myself an example and show that I can be held accountable for my actions, and provide a clear view of my personal standards for consent.

I will consistently follow an excellent standard of consent in kink play in which I am involved. Maintaining this standard includes these points:
• I will ensure that with all play partners I follow this standard for negotiations and if possible, have our negotiation in writing, verbally if written is not possible or practical.
• I will only perform scenes that are within my ability, and will always honestly represent my ability and/or limitations when it comes to any planned scene.
• Fully informed, where all parties understand what is agreed to.
• Expressed with explicit or enthusiastic agreement.
• Consistent and continuous, where any doubt or confusion means stopping.
• Not coerced, not forced, and free of manipulation.
I practice and model excellent consent during my classes:
• I have no implied consent to touch or demonstrate on any student. I obtain specific verbal consent from each person before touching them.
• I teach consent in every class.
• I provide sufficient information to my students so that they don’t have doubts about whether they are witnessing a consent violation during any classroom demo.
I will not pressure anyone into volunteering:
• I state in the class description and at the beginning of class that I will be asking for student volunteers.
• I ensure every volunteer gives informed consent by explaining exactly what each demo entails and what risks are involved before asking for student volunteers.
• I do not ask or call on any specific individual to volunteer.
• I do not pressure the class as a whole to volunteer. I ask for volunteers once for each demo, and if nobody volunteers promptly, I skip the demo and move on.
• I do not tolerate anyone pressuring another person into volunteering for or agreeing to a specific activity, or any form of heckling or coercion of volunteers and potential volunteers. This include
• I only use volunteers who give unambiguous and enthusiastic consent.
• I make it clear volunteers may opt out at any time and for any reason.
• I select volunteers based on their safety, their enthusiastic consent, and their ability to perform the activities of the demonstration as the main criteria for selecting volunteers. Volunteer demonstrations are also potential opportunities for inclusivity, and I use these moments to model inclusive practices around gender, race, age, orientation, body shape, physical ability, and so forth.
I accept responsibility for taking care of student volunteers:
• I only use student volunteers if I am available and willing to provide whatever aftercare they may need and to take full accountability for their experience.

If at any point in time you feel that I have failed to observe safe behavior, act in a respectful fashion to any person doing a scene or attending a class that I am teaching, or failed to follow the consent entrusted to me please contact any or all of the following people either in person or via FetLife message.

Jersey Jenny
I will always respect the privacy of everyone

KECC for presenters and educators

The full version of KECC

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