Parts of the wand

This image shows you the basic outside parts of your mechanical Violet Wand.
The housing part of the wand if two separate parts that are twisted and locked together, with the adjustment knob helping to ensure the case doesn’t become loose. It is a best practice to hold the wand on the rear housing since the front housing can arc through the tiny space where the two halves connect.  If you touch the nose cone or the worse the aperture you are guaranteed to get a decent shock.

From IVWG labeled view of external parts for a BD10a


This image is a Master Violet Ray, from Mueller Patent obtained from The ElectroTherapy Museum (which unfortunately is now closed)

It shows an exposed view of a mechanical violet wand.  This is a patent diagram intended to improve upon the existing violet rays of the time.  I think they obscured or intentionally did not label some of the parts while overly describing others. They lumped the resonator in with the primary and secondary of the coil, it looks like.
10. Power cord
11. Electromagnetic Coil (aka Tesla coil or Oudin Coil)
12. Wagner’s hammer
13. Adjustment Knob
14. Mushroom Probe
15. Probe Rod
16. Collet
17. Base Plate
18. Rear Housing
19. Nose bore
20. Nose cone
20a. Electrode ejector shoulder.
This image is an exposed wand where the rear housing has been removed and you are able to see the condenser portion as well as the Wagner’s hammer.  Notice the black powder above the wand on the paper this is carbon build-up and happens to most wands over time.

This image of a BD10 style wand is also from The Electro Therapy Museum

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