This one specifically for lelephant I already discuss pervertables in my VW102 class but an article as well seem like a really excellent idea. Like many of my posts, this is a work in progress I want to get a lot of pictures for this but I am starting with listing some of my personal favorites.

If you have had the opportunity to meet me and watch my do demonstrations then you know I love pervertables. I love finding that goofy everyday items that can become awesome electrical toys. Here are some of the ones I use and possibly a little bit about them and overtime I will add links and pictures. Also I specifically cite metal but please remember plastic isn’t conductive but shiny mylar is.

-Shrimp deveiner Like a knife but without that dangerous edge 😀

-Garland Yeah the ropey stuff from Xmas time makes for the dumbest funnest electrical whip you will ever find

-banjo picks These make for great faux electric claws

-ball chain The stuff that dog tags come on

-back scratcher (metal) Cheap old $1 things are awesome toys with not just cool sensations but added reach

-fondue/seafood forks These tiny little guys have a nice scratch and you know my motto if it feels good electricity only takes it up a notch.

-cake decorators

-frosting tips or thimbles (metal)

-tinsel See Garland but this way can be sharper and is best used by dragging it across the bottom (no not that bottom, well yes but in the case I mean the person having things done to them) perverts.

-pipe cleaners (shiny)(tinsel) These are just such a silly fun thing to play with.

-slurpee straw (aluminum) These are hard to find typically only on July 11th aka 7/11 during the slurpee giveaway, but you can by the same thing in basic shiny aluminum on amazon or any metal tube will work the same way

-Survival blanket These inexpensive survival blankets are interesting. In order for these to work best you will need something to create a gap or make sure to crinkle up the blanket if it lays smoothly it won’t conduct properly.

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