Recognizing Incompatibility Does Not Need to Carry Blame or Judgment

Today’s thought nugget: Acknowledgement of incompatibility is not a rejection even though it almost always FEELS that way. Being told the way you are or the way you think does not line up with someone else can feel like your way is WRONG. It need not be that. In a world where we want to be radically accepted? We have to radically accept. Sometimes that means accepting someone’s energies have different needs than ours and to wish them full power in themselves that means wishing that for them…away from us.

Sometimes that means accepting some configurations do not fit. Think of ammonia and bleach. Each thing powerful and good. Not one good or bad. Put them together and toxicity happens. Whose fault is the toxicity? The ammonia or the bleach? Exactly! The individuals are neither the problem…but their combination is dangerous.

For me? I can say we are not wired to successfully do a thing. That does not mean I think you are bad or do not deserve success. It does not mean I do not wish you well. I can say this when loving you very much. It can mean my risk profile needs more distance from certain people or behaviors that your life may thrive from. Removing myself from that allows you to be more thoroughly you and I get to honor what me, here and now, needs for my current health and needs.

It means I do not see a successful path together where one of us does not have to either shrink into themselves too much or stretch too far out of their comfort zone to be successful on that shared path. It means I do not see a way we get to be our big extended selves without more distance.

Does not mean I do not cheerlead for you from my path. I absolutely do.

It means I place myself where I can breathe and thrive too.

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