Recommendations and Explanations for Starter Gear

I go back and forth on what I want to accomplish with this post; a pure recommendation for a starter kit or an explanation of peoples options for building a kit.

It is my opinion that most violet wand kits you buy online or worse at conventions are overpriced, but sometimes I am cheap.¬† ūüôā

I am adding in dollar figures next to devices based upon my personal purchasing, this is to give you an idea on price points as a comparative.

FYI there are some link issues, I will work on them ASAP but message me if you need help with a link until then.

Thank you!

Solid State Generators

Nova Solid State Generator ($100)

This was my very first solid state generator sometimes you can find a kit with some glass probes. It is possible to start off cheaper but not with nearly as good a wand. Add a body contact probe and you have a pretty good starting set that can quickly and easily expand.  

Note: The model reviewed and pictured here is no longer available. I have not tested the newer Nova solid state generators.

Solid State High Frequency Beauty Aids  (approx. $30)

These inexpensive options are also known as high frequency facial machines. These are the ones that I recommend for people who are first starting out and are not yet sure how serious they will be about violet wand play and are on a budget. The link will take you to one on 

Mechanical Generators

BD10 Violet Wand ($236)

The BD10 is an electrical neon tester, it is the basis for what is considered the modern Violet Wand.  There are sub-model of the BD10 that come with some differences, the one most people would be interested in the the BD10-AV which has a pressure switch to control the flow of current.  Different Generator ~$250

Mjolnir Hammer ($320)

This one piece handheld generator looks like what people expect a Violet Wand to look like. Made in the USA these are solely made by Violet Wanda, they are unique because of a built-in spark gap inside the housing of the wand, this adds for another level of safety in the event of a catastrophic accident. They pack a pretty good punch and the high end output is more powerful that a bd10 style wand. ¬†Wanda claims they can be used for a 4 hour run time my personal experience doesn’t reflect this claim but it does take longer to heat up as much as my BD10 wand.

Mjolnir Pulse  ($360-400)

(wand system box system instead of wand) ¬†I don’t own this but have sampled it and holy shit its a hard core pulse wand if you want a lot of juice this is the one to do it. ¬†But it is a hefty price tag only for the most serious of VW players. Here is a detailed review of this VW system by a friend of mine who owns and regularly use it as well. Von Kelso’s Review of Mjolnir

Must have start toys.

Body Contact Probe  This is in my opinion the best toy you can buy because it lets you turn so many of those cool pervertables into electric toys.

Mylar Flogger РThese are a very popular implement and the range of different ones that you can by is very wide, some with thin threadlike falls, others with thicker mylar falls that give a different sensation.  You might want to experiment with this to find the best one for you personally.   Like most things wider contact space results in a more diffused sensation.  

Dr. Clockworks Mylar Flogger

Shrimp Deveiner or a Knife (if using a knife go with something dull unless you are really experienced with knife play)  on

Wartenberg Wheel multiple wheels better than single, since it’s a more diffuse sensation, this can be found cheaper on Amazon that buying through any violet wand vendors, since they are marking it up.¬†¬†

Carbon Fiber Rod or Canes

Edison Adapter¬† These awesome little things let you take a functioning or non-functioning lightbulb and use it as a probe they are definitely a must have, then it’s a matter of finding a variety of light bulbs that provide a sensation that you like.¬† Large globe light bulbs are great for a easy “plasma ball” which is colorful and very mild.¬†

Glass Probes to consider: Bent Rake or Comb, Mushroom, Cautery Tip

Safety Equipment

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

This safety device is one of the more important ones to ensure you have in your kit. It adds a level of protection on the plug  itself and insures that if a overload charge comes through the plug that power the will get stopped. This is a secondary circuit breaker for your violet wand.

Dr Clockwork GFCI

Dr Clockwork, one of the few vendors who offers this safety device on his website.

Home Depot GFCI

This is another GFCI option from Home Depot.  

Amazon List of GFCI’s

Here are some options for GFCI’s on Amazon one of my favorite places to buy everything.

Foot Switch¬†These don’t work well for me personally, because of how I move around while topping with violet wands.¬† These are a significant safety tool, also they are useful for helping to preserve your violet wand, this will minimize the wear and tear on the adjustment knob.¬†¬†Add this in line to your wand and the pedal becomes your on off switch. The wand will only get juice while pedal is pressed down.

To be added Circuit Tester …

To be added Secondary Switch…

Anti-Static Pad¬†This is useful to help increase or eliminate ground depending on how you use it. (Thank you to Vonkelso for turning me on to this)¬†¬†Originally intended for use in a data center or for computer repair people to avoid accidental static charges ruining computer hardware. ¬†These devices block electrical flow, and include a ground cable which for our purposes we don‚Äôt want or need. ūüôā If you place a bottom on this bad and do reverse


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