Review Nova Solid State Violet Wand

The Nova is a high output solid state violet wand, which gives it certain advantages over mechanical wands.  Solid state wands can run virtually forever without having heat issues. Also, since there are no moving internal parts, they aren’t sensitive to positioning like mechanical violet wands.

The Nova has a higher output than any other solid state wand I have used to date which is a  plus, on the lowest settings the Nova actually feels sharper than both my BD-10 style wand and my Hammer.  On it’s highest settings, though, the output is not equal to the highest output for any mechanical wand I have used. It’s closer to about 50-60% in my estimation of my BD-10, and around 30-40% of my Hammer.

Another positive for the Nova is that the price point is about $100, which is significantly more than most solid state wands (typically $35), but still significantly lower than the least expensive mechanical wands (about $250).

Things to note about the Nova: the collet is set deeper than mechanical wands so you will need an Edison Adapter with a longer post in order to seat properly, so make sure to look for a Nova edison adapter to go with this wand.  All my other probes worked without an issue in the Nova.

On the downside, because the low end output is so much stronger and there is not the same level of tunability that you have with a mechanical wand, it feels too strong for a lot of beginner wand bottoms.  With practice you can work around this but it requires a much lighter touch from the top and an awareness of the many factors affecting How sensation can vary over time.

All in all, I really like my Nova and I find it useful if I am doing a longer scene or demonstrations over the course of several hours.  Additionally, it has taken a few falls and so far continues to run.


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