Review: Portable High Frequency Beauty Aid

Often in my classes and demonstrations I talk to people who have decided the like violet wand play, but are intimidated by the price tag of a mechanical wand or not sure how much they will actually end up playing with it once they get home. When they are looking for an inexpensive option to dip their foot into the water of violet wand play this is my first recommendation. You can pick these up on Amazon for about $35 sometimes a little less rarely for slightly more.

Amazon Link for this wand please keep in mind that if this is more than about $35 buck keep searching this price varies regularly but 35 is the high end of standard for this particular model of wand.

I would add a picture of the inside of the box but I lent this one to a friend since I don’t need it currently for presentations. As I mentioned in other reviews for solid state generators, the glass include with this box are not quality borosilicate glass probes so please make sure you use them with caution and avoid internal use as well as any technique that would but torque or pressure on the

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