Review: Twilight Neon Wand

This is a good solid state generator coming in at $100 and with superior output equal to a Nova model generator. This is packaged identically to the vast majority of solid state wands in a cardboard box, with 4 glass probes included. A tongue, a mushroom, a rake, and a hook probe. These glass pieces seem to be the standard with all of the various solid state offerings. Please keep in mind these are not high quality borosilicate glass so use it with extreme caution and avoid internal use of in any method that might put torque of pressure on the shaft of the probes.

Inside the box view

Here is a link to Amazon for this wand please double check the current Amazon price at the time I am writing this is under $100 which is great but keep looking if you cannot find it for $100 or less.

So as I mentioned the output for this generator is better than most of the solid state generators available on the market, and in the same area of intensity as the Nova. If you add on a body contact probe you can have a lot of fun with this wand.

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