Review Dr VonHertz Violet Wand Roll Guard

Dr VonHertz

This is a double review because included with my order I also got a small pot of probe glass polish.  A friend of mine sent me the link to Dr VonHertz etsy store specifically for this roll guard.  He knows me so well because I tend to move a lot while topping violet wand and I also have a tendency to talk with my hands I am always setting the wand down and a lot of times it rolls off the table where I set it.  🙁  So I went and looked and said why the fuck did I never think of this?  It makes so much sense, it’s so simple and kind of elegant.  So I plunk down my paypal and buy me one.  It works, it works really well.  You can still drag the wand off of the table or wherever you set it but it will not roll off casually.  I am really pleased with how well it works.


Brief interlude –  Dammit I need help with pictures, I suck at taking them, I can never figure out the background all the artistic stuff, so in my product reviews I use the stock pictures for the vendor.  I hope that they don’t take offense and sense I typically only review things I like I hope that balances out for them.

So besides and genius yet simple design these things are totally worth if for anyone with a mechanical BD-10 style wand.  

And bonus you can select from an array of colors to match your mood or personal aesthetic.  I went with black but they that’s just me.  😉



Now onto part two of this review this probe polish.  It works.  I am not sure if I would buy it but mainly because I am not really worried about scratches in my probes.  It does give them a solid clean, and bonus they work on the end caps even the plastic ones.  But on my good probes with metal end caps so does a jewelers cloth.  If you are rocking older well used probes and you want to keep them or get them looking like new this probably a really good investment.

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