Studio 58: Naughty Noel ’19

Typically I hold off on publishing this sort of thing until it is a bit more formed but I want to get this up so here it goes… Standard disclaimer like most things that I write this is a work in process.

Studio 58 has asked Jenny and I to come back for Naught Noel 2019. This is so awesome, its great to have an event organizer come to you, and ask you to present. Even better we are doing what I like to call soft skill classes this time, which is great since it means they really trust how we present and interact with people. Eventually I will add some of the talking points for these classes to the class description section.

Discussion: Adding Service to Your Dynamic (Service 101) This was our first class of the weekend and took place at 11 am on Friday. It was awesome we had around a dozen people maybe more and they were amazing, so many people so engaged in discussing how they both give and receive. We also discussed how service isn’t just a submissive or bottom thing, that dom(mes) and tops can also provide service. Jenny was amazing keeping this discussion lively and entertaining.

Discussion: Kinking Separately from Your Partner This class was Saturday morning at 9 am, and it seemed like everyone was dragging this early in the morning, luckily we found tea for Jenny which after a couple of cups got her revved up enough. All told we had 6 people, but no more than 3 at any one time. On the plus side we came up with something I liked a lot. “THE FOUR C’s” Communication, Consent, Compersion, and Compassion.

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