Violet Wand class handout

Violet Wand Safety Tips DON’T BE STUPID – These are excessively risky conditions to use a violet wand and should be avoided. •Heart Disease or Heart Surgeries • Pacemaker, Insulin Pump or other internal electronic devices •Pregnant •Neurological Disorder •Use a Spark Gap: Metal Electrodes … Continue readingViolet Wand class handout


If you know me you are probably aware how important I feel about the need for negotiations and informed consent.  These are important factors in ethical kink, they are important for both the top and the bottom.  For tops it’s important because if you aren’t … Continue readingSSC vs RACK

Safety Equipment

Circuit Tester GFCI Secondary Power Switch Wand with built in spark gap What we do is edge play… This means there is a risk to safety and health for the people involved in Violet Wand play, as with all electrical play; but we do certain … Continue readingSafety Equipment