The odds and ends that I have in wand kit

Obviously I have generators, glass probes, metal probes, and conductive toys for reverse and indirect then there is the weird stuff.  The stuff that I need to carry just in case, the stuff that comes out in case of emergency or when unexpected challenges pop-up.  These are the odd’s and ends that I have learned to keep around over the years of using a violet wand.  Here are the ones I find the most useful and why.
  • Needle Nose pliers – these are useful if you have the bad luck of the end cap coming off of a probe
  • 5/16″ Nut driver – this is useful if the collert becomes loose this will allow you to tighten it up
  • Electrical Tape – this is useful to secure cords, or a body contact probe to a bottom, or even cover up a loose connection
  • Extension Cord – in my world the plug is never in the right place so this just makes sense
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter aka GFCI – this is all about the safety, prevents accidental line current from making it to the violet wand and more importantly it protects the bottom
  • Cortizone Moisturizing Lotion – this is useful in the event of really vivid marks from violet wand
  • Silica packs – this protects your wand from oxidation
  • Calling Cards – these i use for people I meet during demonstrations so they can friend me on FetLife
  • Hard Candy and/or small chocolates – these are useful for after care, and will help your bottom come back to the real world
  • Chewing gum – i smoke this takes care of my dragon breath
  • A clean rag – to wipe off gear
  • Non-bleach disinfecting wipes – these are for quick cleaning of probes
  • Jewelers Cloth – this is for cleaning and polishing the end caps of glass probes
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