Why this site and this blog?

I started out on this so that I had a place to post about myself, my passion for presenting and sharing some of the things I love about violet wands, then it kind of expanded in my head.  Besides talking about violet wands, and even just kink, I would share some of my experiences, my stories, my thoughts.  Hopefully it will prove to be a bit therapeutic in that I have to talk about me, and try and be open about it.

Also since I have done work on the International Violet Wand Guild site, as well as the Society, both of which are fun but they aren’t quite the same as this. This is for me, on those sites I am representing others as a part of a group so sometimes my message has to have a different bit of slant.  But here I am only representing myself so I can express everything just the way that I feel.  I can assure you that here it will be unfiltered. 

All my blog postings are open to the general public, though I do have a private page  just for people who choose to sign-up for my mailing list.  Being on my mailing list will give you updates via email when new content is added.  

Thank you for stopping by!

About T D

Papa-Bear-Tony is a friendly service top with a slightly sadistic streak and a significant caffeine addiction which often results in high speed talking. Over the years he has been involved with a number of different groups presenting classes as well as skill shares.

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