Why this site and this blog?

Initially I started this blog so that I had a place to post about violet wands, I still do work with the International Violet Wand Guild but there are limitations on what I could do there.  Over time things evolved and as I started doing more presenting and educating, the focus of things here changed. Jersey Jenny agreed to start presenting classes with me which was great and really added a lot of polish to our offerings as well as the courage to expand upon what type of classes we present. So despite the name of this site it is very much a mutual effort at this point.

Currently this site is focused on Jenny and my educational efforts for the kink community, our classes focus on a lot more than just violet wands now with a number of offerings are inter-personal skills that don’t always get enough focus in kink education.

All my blog postings are open to the general public, though I do have a private page  just for people who choose to sign-up for my mailing list.  Being on my mailing list will give you updates via email when new content is added.  

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