What Sets Us Apart From Others?

As a team we bring the complete package to our presentations, Jersey Jenny a former teacher brings a huge class room presence as well as strong focus on the soft skills including negotiations when combined with Papa Bear Tony’s experience and technical knowledge we are able to bring a unique perspective on kink and how to get the most out of it.

Papa Bear Tony

I am an old school kinkster; and a curmudgeon, but I still love getting the chance to share my experiences with others.  I love the connection that I get with a group as we feed off of one another’s energy and excitement.  In some ways presenting is an extension of the kink for me.  The challenge of connecting, of finding the common ground with someone you don’t yet know. Our reviews always speak of the enthusiasm, knowledge and the strong passion for the subjects that we share.  So if these qualities are something that you are looking for then we might be the best presenters for you.

Jersey Jenny

I am a wooey service girl at heart. My favorite thing to do is to connect with people around me in a way that benefits us all in a balanced way. Energy exchange is no fun if it only goes one way. For me, teaching goes as many ways as there are energies in a room. Just as my service side expresses love and care in the kitchen by sharing what I cook? In the classroom, I love to share what I have learned in my own studies on my journey, along with my own stories and experiences, and what I learned from them. Sometimes it is a laugh, sometimes a moment of pride, and sometimes a cautionary tale to avoid the harder roads I ended up on by my own uninformed choices.

To me? Cooking is collaborative, and so is learning. That give and take of ideas and energy is its own kink for me.  I have always told my students at every age level, that they often teach me as much as I teach them. I learn a great deal in every class I teach, about new perspectives to my ideas, as well as completely different ones. Sometimes what I best learn is what not to do/say, but there are lessons to be learned all over. To me the best classes have respectful exchanges of ideas/best practices and I try to bring that with me, along with two scoops of pragmatic enthusiasm, and a side order of bawdy Jersey girl.

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